Our Manifesto 2019 for the government highlights five key priorities for the Armed Forces community.

Our Manifesto calls on the UK government to:

  • Provide a new deal for personnel recruited from overseas and their families by introducing waivers for personnel, veterans and their families from both the Minimum Income Threshold and Indefinite Leave to Remain fees
  • Ensure the future of the Veterans Medical Funds through committing long-term funding and guaranteeing that this provision will not be removed from veterans injured in Service
  • Ensure a question concerning military service and membership of the Armed Forces community will be approved to feature in the next national census in 2021
  • Ensure that compensation and payments awarded for illness, injury or death as a result of Service should never be treated as normal income in statutory means tests
  • Invest in research on ‘what works’ in treating veterans with Gulf War illnesses, and set up formal communication channels to convey the results of US research developments to these individuals.

To make sure your voice is heard by election candidates, and that you campaign safely within Electoral and Charity Commission rules, please read our 2019 Campaigning Guidance Booklet.

You can also help us to make a change by letting the your MP know that these are issues you care about. Join us by writing a letter to your local MP.

Manifesto 2019

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