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Commonwealth contribution in the Far East

Commonwealth forces outnumbered British forces in the Far East and were essential in securing victory.

British, Commonwealth and Allied forces fought across a vast area in the Asia-Pacific Region which meant dividing the area into different military commands.

In both of these commands Commonwealth forces outnumbered British forces, and they were essential in bringing the war against Imperial Japan to an end.

British infantry soldiers on the road to Kalewa, Burma


The first was the South East Asia Command (SEAC) which stretched from North East pre-partition India to modern day Vietnam and Indonesia. The war they fought was to become known as the war in the Far East.
South East Asia Command

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Australian Coastwatchers & native militia in submarine

The Pacific

The second was the Pacific which covered the Pacific Ocean and the islands, lands and territories of the South West Pacific. It stretched from the West Coast of Canada to Japan, and south to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
War in the Pacific

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