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Together Across The Commonwealth

Through stories of four women in WW2, explore the importance of working together, and consider how modern Britain was built on collaboration.

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Together Across The Commonwealth

Discover how the Commonwealth has shaped our past and present, and continues to shape our future.

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Understanding Remembrance KS5

Develop a deeper understanding of who, how and why we remember through the images, stories and voices of Remembrance.

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Commonwealth Case Studies

Meet two women whose service took place over 4,500 miles apart, but whose stories show the vital role of the Commonwealth in protecting our freedoms.

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The Sound of Remembrance

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Creative Writing

Use short story 'A Sense of Home' by Bali Rai and a range of activities to write radio scripts encouraging people to volunteer in their communities.

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Creative Writing

Through the story 'Memories of Home' by Bali Rai, case studies and different activities, discover how letters helped keep people connected during WW2.

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Women at Work (Welsh)

Florence Cordell was one of the first women to work as a bus conductor during WW1 as women filled the roles of men on the home front.

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Science and Innovation (Welsh)

Lessons and worksheets exploring the life and work of Harry Brearley, the inventor of stainless steel, and the impact of his invention on WWI.

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Women in Medicine (Welsh)

Understand how women united across continents, countries and cultures to protect our freedoms, and how this unity remains today.

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Tolkien's Experiences (Welsh)

Lessons focused on contribution of Tolkien whose writing was influenced by experiences in WW1, planned by the National Literacy Trust.

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War Photographer (Welsh)

Explore the work of pioneering war photographer Ernest Brooks, considering how photographs help us connect to the experiences of others.

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Growing Remembrance Through Poetry (Welsh)

Explore Remembrance through poetry and the work of Joseph Coelho, examining how the Remembrance Glade inspired him.

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Stories for Remembrance (Welsh)

Explore Remembrance through Bali Rai's novel Now or Never, featuring guided discussions, creative writing, fact files, original photographs and more.

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The Art of Remembrance

Through the work of painters, sculptors and more, children learn how creativity helps to express experiences and emotions.

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