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Branch property trusts

Find out more about Branch Property Trusts and the BPT Programme

The Royal British Legion doesn’t just exist because of the warmth and generosity of the general public.

It thrives because of the hard work and dedication of people like you – with fundraising, support for welfare and a continuing commitment to help communities remember those who have given so much.

So we want to keep our branches fully up to date with the important changes we’re making to Branch Property Trusts (BPTs). 

It is our legal and moral duty to make changes that ensure we’re using BPT funds correctly to support beneficiaries and comply with charity and trust law.

A brief recap

You might remember that after legal advice in 2012, we discovered that we needed to change the way we manage BPTs. It’s a long and complex process, so we have created an update booklet, which we hope will remind you of the reasons we had to make these changes – and tell you about what we’ll be doing over the next few years.

In the booklet, you will find:

  • A recap on what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • How it will help us give support to more beneficiaries
  • Details on how the changes will affect you
  • Our focus on helping you in the post-BPT era

What's happenED SINCE our last update?

In March 2016 we wrote to all branches connected to a BPT to tell them what is coming up over the next few months and what and when they can expect to hear from us.

In April 2016 we wrote to branches where the BPT property has been sold and not replaced. This included a leaflet about what happens to the BPT now and the process for making decisions. It also included a form with a survey that affected branches can complete and send back to us (there are more details about this below).

In May 2016, we sent these same branches a leaflet explaining what financial support is available and how they can apply for it.

We are sending every branch a tailored Branch Pack outlining the specific details of the BPT connected to their branch. As we’re sending them out in phases, it might be a while until your branch receives yours. 

All affected branches will continue to receive letters and information updating them about any changes to their connected BPT.

Our insights and your feedback

Over the last year we've run focus groups, roadshows and a consultation about the support branches will need in the future if they're no longer connected to a BPT - you can see our roadshow presentation slides here.

In May 2016 we confirmed the support that is being put in place and how to apply for it.

In May to June 2016 we ran a survey specifically for branches who were connected to a BPT property which has been sold and not replaced.

We also asked these branches how they would ideally like to see the sale proceeds of sold BPT properties used and if they would like to register an interest in acquiring a replacement BPT property.

In other news

We've also put together some general guidance about BPTs for branches - including an explanation of what BPTs are and how they can be used. 

We hope our guidance and updated booklet give you more of the information you need, but if you have any further questions, please speak to your Membership Support Office or email us at bpt@britishlegion.org.uk