The contribution of our membership network is invaluable. From upholding our role in Remembrance to supporting local beneficiaries, our members continue to inspire many to support the Legion.

Men and women of all ages are welcome to become a member, whether they have served or not. As a result, our membership has different meanings for different people.

Legion membership is...

A sense of pride and comradeship. Build relationships with like-minded people in a branch and feel proud to work alongside others in giving something back to the Armed Forces community.

A caring family. Get involved in the delivery of welfare activities in your local community to help beneficiaries in need.

An opportunity to broaden your horizons. Our members have a rich mix of life experiences. Membership is not just a way to support our charity but a way to make new friends and develop as an individual.

An opportunity to give back to the Armed Forces. Be part of a nationwide fundraising team to help give back to the Armed Forces as they have served us.

A stronger local community. Legion branches are pillars within the local community. They uphold local remembrance services and are a great home to start networking from.

Improved welfare support for the Armed Forces community from Government. Our members keep up to date with the campaigns we run through the Legion Magazine and play an influential role in lobbying local government.