Poppy Appeal collectors Barry and Tricha at their front window

Barry and Tricia's story

With the Covid-19 pandemic meaning Barry and Tricia couldn’t collect for the Poppy Appeal as normal this year, they rallied their local community to help them.

Barry and Tricia have been collecting for the Poppy Appeal in their village, Clun in Shropshire, for the last ten years.

But when the Covid-19 pandemic began, the couple were worried they wouldn’t be able to help raise funds.

With Tricia being asthmatic, she has been shielding since the start of lockdown in March, meaning she is unable to collect donations from her local community like in previous years.

"We absolutely love collecting for The Royal British Legion and have been big supporters of the charity for many years," says Barry.

"However, this year we were really worried we wouldn’t be able to go ahead and raise the much-needed funds.

"We worried about things such as counting the money and distributing boxes, with most of our funds in the village being raised with house-to-house collections."

Poppy Appeal collectors Barry and Tricha at their front door

To ensure collections could still go ahead in a safe way, Barry and Tricia worked with their neighbours and local volunteers.

“The village community, knowing we were shielding, have rallied round us and the response has been tremendous,” says Barry.

“We have been able to instead organise strategic collections in the local village stores, ensure school packs can go out and we are still able to be part of the Appeal in a safe way, which my wife and I are very relieved about.

Every penny for a poppy really counts this year and the need for those the charity supports hasn’t gone away.
Fundraise for the Poppy Appeal

"So I am glad we can still do our bit and ensure the Royal British Legion can aid the Armed Forces community no matter the need big or small."

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