Frequently Asked Questions

Do 360 videos work on all types of phones?

360 videos should work on the majority of smart phones. For the best experience download the latest version of the YouTube app. 

Do you need to view the content through a headset? 

 No, the 360 videos can be viewed on a computer.

Where can I get the headsets?

All free headsets have now been claimed, however, a limited number are available to collect from local Pop In Centres.

Can I order some for my school, if so how many? 

Yes, you can apply for a limit of 25 per school while stocks last.

Can my TRBL branch order a batch?

Yes, there is a limit of one per branch.

Will the headsets be available at Pop-In Centres?

Yes, a limited supply will be available at Pop-In Centres. 

How much do the headsets cost?

Headsets are free, but we welcome a donation to The Royal British Legion. 

Do I have to pay postage and packing?

No, but we welcome a donation to The Royal British Legion.



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