Hear My Cry

Hear My Cry is an illustrated collection of psalms, poetry, prayers and hymns produced by The Bible Society, with all proceeds going to The Royal British Legion.

About Hear My Cry

Ideal for individual and community reflection during centenary commemorations of the First World War, the book includes personal stories drawn from original research among families whose ancestors fought or died in the War. It also provides dramatic evidence of the part that many of the soldiers' Bibles and diaries played in wartime life.

Sister Wendy Beckett also offers commentary on paintings by Pieter Bruegel and John Nash, while the moving words of poets including Wilfred Owen, Eleanor Farjeon and Siegfried Sassoon are collected together.

"Through the years, the Scriptures have provided comfort, inspiration and challenge to those impacted by human conflict. By reconnecting with these timeless words through this book, we can remember those who have gone before us and express our hopes and prayers for military personnel currently serving around the world." David Suchet

A copy of the book is also being sent to each of the Legion's branches.

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