Berlin Blockade 70

The Berlin Blockade (24 June 1948–12 May 1949) was one of the first major international crises of the Cold War. At one minute after midnight on 12 May 1949, the Soviets lifted their barricades and restored access to West Berlin.  A British convoy immediately drove through, and the first train from the West reached Berlin at 5:32 that morning.

Call to action

The Royal British Legion will be organising an event at the IWM Duxford on Sunday 12 May 2019 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Blockade. Our event, which we encourage Youth groups to attend, will include a number of educational activities as well as provide an opportunity for groups to meet veterans and hear their stories.

There will also be an opportunity to view concurrent events running in Berlin to mark the 70th Anniversary.

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Registration for this event will open in Spring 2019.

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