Providing Employment Grants Assistance

Finding a job can be one of the hardest parts of leaving the Armed Forces, but we can provide financial assistance to help you find suitable work.

What is an employment grant?

An employment grant is available to ex-serving personnel and their families, specifically those who are unemployed or under-employed.

There are two types of grants available:

  • A training, travel, accommodation and equipment grant – Provides you with support to address unemployment or under-employment. Childcare and medical costs linked to difficulties around attending training are also considered. The cap for this grant is £1,000.
  • A licences grant – A licence grant is awarded if it will assist you to find or continue work. Typically, this is to fund the provision of a professional licence that is needed for your work, for example a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. This is a one-off grant with a cap of £250, and you will need to budget for the licence upkeep costs in the future.

Who can apply?

To be considered for an employment grant, you will need to be a part of the Armed Forces community and show you are either unemployed or under-employed.

The grant is means tested and is designed to help if you are unemployed or have a low household income, and can be used to fund vocational courses and pay for work-related tools.

How to apply?

To begin your application:

Contact The Royal British Legion – The Legion can consider Employment Grants directly. The Legion will discuss your needs with you and agree a plan together, often leading to a referral to The Forces Employment Charity for advice. The Legion will make the decision on all applications.

Apply to the The Forces Employment Charity directly - The Forces Employment Charity will provide advice with your application. They will support you determine if an Employment Grant is the best option to help you access the job market in your area.

If The Forces Employment Charity identify that a grant is required in order to help you to gain employment, they might assist by submitting a referral to the Legion on your behalf in support of an Employment Grant.

Families need to register with The Forces Employment Charity to join the The Forces Employment Charity Families Programme

Get in touch to find out more about employment grants and further employment support.


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