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Finding a job

Job seeking can be a difficult process, but there is support available to help you find the right role.

A satisfying job with interesting challenges can help ex-Service personnel with their mental and physical well being, and will lead to financial independence.

In many cases, employers are keen to hire those who have served in the Armed Forces. Your military skills can give you an advantage in the job market, and you should share them in your CV and job applications.

Finding a job

Civvy Street works with partners to help Service leavers who are looking to transition to civilian life. This can include resettlement support and help to stay in employment, so you can focus on finding the best job for you.

For anyone that left Service two or more years ago, JobCentre Plus, recruitment agencies, online job boards, friends and family are the best places to find suitable jobs. Armed Forces Champions are also available in every JobCentre Plus district to provide support that meets the needs of the ex-Service community.

Get in touch with Civvy Street for a range of support that can help you find suitable and rewarding work.

Disability and employment

Having a disability does not mean you cannot find suitable work. There are a range of government schemes and other organisations that can support you to find work.

This support can range from specialist Disability Employment Advisors to tailored programmes that work with employers to modify workplaces.

Find out more about employment support for those with a disability or medical condition. 

Help with your cv

A CV details your education, work experience, and skills so a potential employer can see how suitable you are for the job. It is important to keep your CV up to date, as extra skills or experience can make your application more attractive.

Tailoring your CV to the job is also vital, as it’s an opportunity for you to highlight relevant experience to further increase your chances of an interview.

Read more about job seeking for veterans and service leavers. 

Job applications

When applying for a job you need to consider the criteria laid out by the employer. These expectations, and how well you match them, will often determine how likely you are to get an interview.

Civvy Street offers support with job applications, providing advice and tips to help you stand out.


Attending an interview can be daunting, but it’s a great opportunity to show off your knowledge to prove you‘re the right person for the job.

It is important to prepare for an interview by researching the job, the organisation and the employment sector, so you are able to answer a range of questions that are likely to be asked.

Get in touch with Civvy Street for further advice about interviews.

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