Poppy cookie cutters and muffins from Lakeland

Lakeland is proud to announce its new partnership with The Royal British Legion, launching a range of poppy baking products to show their support for the Armed Forces Community.

Lakeland sell a range of baking products that will help you raise money by taking part in bake sales and coffee mornings. From cupcake cases, to cutters, stencils to treat bags, Lakeland have you covered. A donation* is made to the RBL from each product sold.

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*£1 from the sale the icing cutter and stencil, 80p from the sale of poppy cellophane treat bags, 75p from the sale of the cookie cutters and 60p from the sale of the cupcake cases, will be paid to Royal British Legion Trading Limited which gives its taxable profits to The Royal British Legion (Charity No. 219279) and Poppyscotland (Scottish Charity No. SC014096), according to where sales are made.


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