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Your messages travel to Normandy Beach

On Tuesday 4 June, staff at the Legion took a 5-foot-high installation to the beach in Normandy where British soldiers landed as part of Operation Overlord 75 years ago.

The installation was able to stay in Normandy for the D-Day commemoration on 6 June, and then it went to Portsmouth.

The installation spells out the words ‘D-DAY 75’ and is covered in 20,000 paper poppies, each with a hand-written message of support and remembrance from supporters like you.

D-Day 75 beach installation made up of 20,000 poppies with messages of support.

This installation is a moving commemoration of the sacrifices made by those who were involved in the campaign that ultimately led to the Allies winning the Second World War.


As we stood on the beach, where so many fought and fell, it was a very emotional moment, and as the D-Day veterans read your messages of support we all had a lump in our throat.

Women reading a message on D-Day installation

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support, and for joining with us in commemorating this important anniversary. It’s due to people like you that we are able to support the Armed Forces community, after World War 2, now and into the future.

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