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As indicated on passport

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There are occasions when we are asked for veterans to participate in local and national press and radio interviews. If you would be willing to participate in any such interviews and are content to be contacted by a member of the Legion’s press office team please advise above.


We confirm that if our health, mobility or anything else which may affect our attendance at the event between completing this form and the date of travel, that we will let The Royal British Legion know at the earliest opportunity. We understand that failure to comply with this may result in us not being able to travel.

Privacy statement

At The Royal British Legion we take our commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of your personal data seriously, ensuring that we meet all data protection requirements. We may share your personal data with our travel and accommodation partners in order to facilitate the tour you have registered for. We may also share your information in circumstances where it may be requested by the police to ensure the security of our events.

What we collect and why?

The Royal British Legion will only collect the personal data that is absolutely necessary to register you for one of our events and to ensure the safety and security of that event. That is why we may ask you for different data for different events. When you register for an event your data will be stored in our event accreditation system. This allows the Royal British Legion Remembrance Team to contact you about the event. Please note, this will not be communication regarding fundraising events.

We will not continue to hold any of your data longer than required and as such we will delete your personal data one month after the event you have registered to attend. If you wish to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data and no longer wish to attend the event you have registered for please contact 02032072332.

For more information about how The Royal British Legion processes personal information and about your rights under the data protection law please see our Privacy Policy.


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