Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to hold my quiz in a pub?

No – you can hold your quiz anywhere you like, all we ask is that the money you raise goes towards helping our Armed Forces community. You could hold your quiz in a community hall, social club or at the office.

What are the interactive rounds?

We wanted to take a fresh look at the pub quiz so we’ve designed a quiz with creative challenges that will keep everyone entertained. They’re really fun and easy to do, but we’ve included some traditional British-themed Q&A rounds too. Our free pub quiz pack includes 12 rounds for you to choose from. 

Can I hold my pub quiz after November?

We’re asking quiz hosts to hold their event by the end of November – so make sure you order your pack soon! If your venue can’t manage November, don’t worry too much, but please send in your money as soon as you can so that we can use it to support our Armed Forces community.

I did the Pub Quiz in April, is it the same quiz?

No! After our April Pub Quiz, we’ve rewritten the questions so that everyone can take part again, even if you hosted a quiz last time. We’re confident that you will have just as much fun raising money for our Armed Forces community as you did the first time!

How can I pay in my quiz money?

You can pay in your quiz money online or you can call our Supporter Care team on 0333 011 4500 to pay over the phone or to ask for our bank details. Please make sure that you use the same name and address that you registered for the quiz with.

Can I pay in my quiz money by cheque?

Yes – please make cheques payable to ‘The Royal British Legion’ and make sure you tell us your name, address and say that the money is from your November pub quiz. Please post cheques to:

The Royal British Legion
199 Borough High Street

When do I need to pay in my quiz money by?

We’d like you to host your quiz at a time that suits you in November. Then please send in any money you raise by 31 December – so we can tell you how much we’ve raised in total!

Where is my pub quiz pack?

Sometimes packs get lost in the post, so if you’re pack hasn’t arrived after seven working days, please email us on or call us on 0333 011 4500 and we will chase it up for you.

Can I order more than one pack?

If you need several quiz packs for multiple pubs, please ask the organiser in each pub to sign up individually.

If you manage a chain of pubs and need many packs, we’d love to hear from you at or call us on 0333 011 4500.

You can download additional materials here.

How much are you hoping to raise from The Royal British Legion Pub Quiz?

This is a brand new fundraising idea and we are optimistic about its success, but can’t put an accurate fundraising total on it yet. It’s important that we raise money for our Armed Forces community all year round and try new ideas to spread awareness of our work.

We’re always very careful with the money that our supporters donate to our work and 75p in every pound we raise goes directly on the beneficiaries. We use the remaining 25p per pound on governance and the administrative costs of running the charity, such as IT, office space and fundraising materials.

I already run a pub quiz; can I do this as well?

Absolutely! Take a night off choosing quiz questions and try something different with our British-themed, interactive quiz rounds. All we ask is that you pay in the money you raise to help us support the Armed Forces community.

Can I get any additional materials?

Yes - you can download posters, answer forms, picture rounds and music rounds at

Where is my pack?

We’ve had such an amazing response that our Pub Quiz packs have all flown off the shelves! If you ordered after 23 October, we will email you all the questions and answers as well as everything you need to take part. As we don’t want your quiz teams to get hold of the answers before your quiz, we’re not putting them on our website and are only sending them to hosts – so keep them a secret!

I signed up after the 23 October, can I still get the bunting, collection box, balloons and drinks mats?

Unfortunately not, we have completely run out of stock for this year! You are welcome to get hold of your own to decorate your quiz, let your creativity run wild!