Fundraising tips

Use our tried and tested methods to help you boost your fundraising and smash your target.

Host an event

Bake sale: set up a bake sale in your office and get your colleagues to help by baking some treats for you to sell and raise some funds.

Cook: invite your friends and family over for a fundraising meal. Either charge an amount per person or ask them to donate at the dinner. If you don’t feel you’re enough of a whizz in the kitchen, you can host this at a restaurant too.

Car wash: get your friends involved to help you set up on a local road and wash some cars for a fee.

Quiz: ask a local venue such as a pub if you can hold a quiz night. You can find many free and ready to use quizzes online. 

Collection tin: a collection at a local supermarket, pub or corner shop is an easy way to collect donations.

Pack it: ask your local supermarket if you can come along and pack bags at the checkout. Bring along some friends to make it more fun!

Raffle off: host a raffle and ask local businesses to donate some prizes.

Easy ideas

Simplify it: make it easy to give. Set up a fundraising page with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving and the money comes directly to us. The sooner you start the more likely you are to raise!

Team up: there’s strength in numbers - teams raise an average of 10% more than individuals. On JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving, you can add individual pages to a team page and work together to hit a team target.

Old-school: picked up some donations the old way? Add your cash and cheque donations to your online giving page as offline income. Don’t forget to send the money into the Legion as soon as you can so we can add it to your total.

Update: spread the word about your fundraising with regular updates. New stories give your supporters a reason to come back to your page and donate again. 

Gift Aid: get everyone who’s eligible to sign a Gift Aid declaration. We receive an extra 25p for every £1 they give and it doesn’t cost them a penny more. All we need is a full name and home address for each sponsor.

Work it: work colleagues can be a brilliant source of sponsorship. Put up posters around the office,  try suppliers and contact customers too. Ask your company if they’ll match what you raise pound for pound.

Blog: a blog or video blog is a fantastic way to spread the word about what you’re doing. Talk about your personal motivations, the challenges you’ll need to overcome and don’t be afraid to use humour.

Share: social media is your friend. Tweet, Instagram and Facebook links to your fundraising page on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons (popular giving times). Keep people updated with your training progress online too.

Boost it: setting a fundraising target has an amazing effect - 20% more donations. Be sure to make the most of the ‘payday effect’ by sending out reminders to friends just after their salaries hit their bank accounts.