MOD reviews Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

The findings of an independent review into the scheme have been published.

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    London, UK

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has today released the findings of an independent review of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

The Royal British Legion welcomes the review and many of its positive recommendations. We are particularly glad to see some of the Legion’s proposals reflected, such as the need for a long-term study on the impact of non-freezing cold injuries, and that communication of the scheme and compensation packages to injured personnel needs to be improved. We hope the Government will accept and take forward these recommendations.

However, we are disappointed that the review indicates that the MOD is unwilling to ensure that injured Service personnel don’t significantly fall behind their uninjured colleagues financially. Low inflation in recent years has meant that compensation payments designed to replace lost earnings have barely risen. That’s why the Legion has repeatedly called for a ‘triple-lock’ guarantee on the increase of payments. We are disappointed to see this proposal rejected; meaning injured Service personnel’s ongoing compensation for lost earnings will continue to see little increase.

We urge the MOD to think again and look to guarantee that an injury in Service does not leave anyone worse off than their fellow Service personnel and veterans.

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