The Royal British Legion partners with Greene King to brew Flanders Fields

The Royal British Legion is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with Greene King to support our Thank You Movement marking the centennial anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The aim of the movement is to ask everyone to say Thank You in big or small ways to all who served, sacrificed, and changed our world during the First World War.

The Suffolk based brewer is set to brew a special edition beer, Flanders Fields, and has pledged to donate 20p from every pint sold to the Legion.

Earlier this month members of the Legion joined Greene King brewer Ross O’Hara to develop the recipe for Flanders Fields. The former servicemen and women spent the day discussing flavour profiles and were coached on beer styles that would have been prevalent in 1918. Flanders Fields, a 3.7% abv light and fruity ale with a chestnut hue, will be available in pubs from October 2018.   

Throughout July social media followers of both the Legion and Greene King Brewery were invited to vote on the pump clip design for the beer. The winning pump clip depicts a silhouette of servicemen walking through Flanders Fields with the striking red poppy alongside, contrasting it.

In addition to brewing Flanders Fields ale, Greene King has been delving into its extensive archives and will be sharing stories from its brewery and employees during the First World War via the Legion’s channels. From updates on those conscripted to the war effort as documented in Greene King’s board minutes to transcripts from employees sharing their memories during The Great War, fascinating facts have been unearthed.

Speaking about the partnership with the Legion Matt Starbuck, Greene King managing director said: “Greene King is delighted to support The Royal British Legion as a partner for its Thank You campaign during this milestone year. Like so many other long-standing businesses Greene King and its employees were impacted hugely by World War One. Sadly we lost 21 employees during the war and in memory of them and in gratitude for the safe return of many, many more, Greene King purchased land and built playing fields in Bury St Edmunds for its employees at the end of the war. 

“The Royal British Legion provides invaluable support to servicemen and women today and we are proud to be able to support with this limited edition beer, Flanders Fields.”

Claire Rowcliffe, Director of Fundraising at the Royal British Legion, said: “With Flanders Fields ale soon to be available at pubs across the country, we are excited to be partnering with Greene King to mark this centenary year and commemorate the First World War generation. Thanks to Greene King’s generosity, this special edition beer will raise much needed funds for today’s Armed Forces community, ensuring their service is never forgotten.”

“The First World War left so many legacies that positively impact our lives today, from ground-breaking social change to pioneering innovations. The end of the centenary is a chance for us all to thank not only the British Armed Forces who fought and gave their lives, but the thousands who fought alongside them from countries from across today’s Commonwealth, and the countless men, women and children who played their part on the home front.”