Bravo 22’s Unspoken production

Bravo 22 Company, is a recovery through the arts programme and is made possible by The Royal British Legion and The Drive Project.

Bravo 22 Company was created by Alice Driver, using theatre as a vehicle for recovery. It was produced with the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, The Royal British Legion and Ministry of Defence in 2011. It brought together 30 wounded, injured and sick (WIS) Service personnel to write, produce and perform their own play. 'The Two Worlds of Charlie F' was written by Owen Sheers and directed by Stephen Rayne on a West End stage. The programme aims to give Service people and veterans new skills and experiences. It also hopes to improve confidence, self-awareness and motivation. All these support an individual's recovery and the transition into civilian life.

Unspoken was created during a yearlong theatre project engaging Bravo 22 Company alumni in the creation of a new play about the impact of war. It was performed on Remembrance Sunday in Newcastle upon Tyne and formed part of the Royal British Legion’s 2017 Campaign of Remembrance. The project was launched in the House of Commons in January 2017. 16 Bravo 22 Company alumni performed in the play and shared their stories with the Bravo production team who created a unique piece of theatre, providing a platform for the alumni’s voices to be heard.

Unspoken benefited 100 members of the WIS community. Not only did it provide a safe and encouraging environment to share their stories, it gave a voice to those 25 participants cast to perform in the play and supporting film. The cast shared their stories with a public audience of 1,250 people, providing a stimulus for conversation and greater understanding of the impact of war to those who remain at home and those who return home. The production was incredibly successful in providing a recovery pathway and increasing the wellbeing of those who participated. 

Following the success of Bravo 22 Company’s performance of Unspoken at Newcastle Theatre Royal in 2017, The Drive Project and the Royal British Legion are proud to announce Unspoken’s new dates, working with Newcastle Theatre Royal. Unspoken was performed at the Pleasance Beyond as part of the Edinburgh Festival from the 21-27 August, and it will also be performed at the Royal Court Liverpool on 28-29 September, followed by Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Studio on the 8-9 October. Unspoken will additionally have the honour of being the last performance at the House of Commons on the 16 October, before closing the tour in London on 28 October.

There have been a number of positive reviews on the play including:

"A stunning piece of theatre"
"Moving, thought provoking and somehow still funny, 'Unspoken' is a must-see production."
Ed Fringe Review

“Go and see Unspoken - the cast are amazing!”
Ray Winstone
"From rock bottom to sky high, Bravo 22 transformed my self-confidence and is quite possibly the best decision I almost never made."
Matt Wightman, Unspoken Newcastle Company Alumni

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