Bringing the importance of Remembrance to schools and young people

Learning about Remembrance

Additional resources

As part of The Royal British Legion resources for schools and young people, our learning team have prepared a number additional resources to assist schools and learning groups.

Below are a number of sample assembly programs for use in schools covering different age levels. There are also suggested lesson plans to supplement the assembly programs and activities for use in classrooms etc.

Please note: Copyright for images credited to IWM remains with the IWM. Downloads can only be used in their entirety for educational purposes. Any extracts, modifications or other usage would require prior permission.

Assemblies for Key Stages 3 and 4

These are model assemblies aimed at students in Key Stages 3 and 4, for use at times of Remembrance. They are suitable for use both in November, when the whole nation remembers, or during the year to coincide with specific anniversaries. Assemblies can be used on their own or grouped into a series.

Theme: Remembering past & present

Remembrance Day
Remembrance, then and now
Remembrance and the First World War centenary
Conflict Today 
Remembering the families
Remembering those who come back injured

The poems at the end of each assembly have been selected from a range - please feel free to use them or replace them with your chosen alternatives.

The full set of 6 assemblies can be downloaded in a single pdf here.

Assemblies for Key Stages 1 and 2

This section contains assemblies for Key Stages 1 & 2. All files are in pdf format.

Key Stages 1&2 - Remembrance - click here for the full series or below for each assembly

Remembrance and the First World War centenary
Poetry and Remembrance
The role of individuals and families in Remembrance
Remembrance Day
Remembering the past
Helping people
Thinking about the present and the future

Key Stages 1&2 - Remembrance for older pupils - click here for the full series or below for each assembly 

What do we remember?
The Poppy
Who are we remembering?
Remembrance Day

Key Stage 2 - Remembering the people - click here for the full series or below for each assembly 

A life overshadowed by war
Remembering World War Two
Remembering the Falklands 30 years on
Remembering the families
Remembering those who came back injured

Activities, lesson plans and links


The following colouring sheets are in pdf format and can be downloaded or printed for use in association with the other resource materials.

And here is a sheet of lapel poppies which can be printed for use in classroom activities.

Lesson Plans

Key Stage Subject
1-2 7 lesson plans on Remembrance
1-2 5 lesson plans on Local History
3-4 11 lesson plans on Remembrance and other topics

Reading List - a list of novels, poetry and non-fiction books on topics related to Remembrance

Website research - a list of useful websites for further information.

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