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Remembrance Travel

Remembrance Travel (previously called Poppy Travel) is the specialist travel division of The Royal British Legion, and we have been arranging visits to battlefields, war cemeteries and memorials since 1927. As a caring charity everyone is welcome to join our tours.

Our background in Remembrance gives us a unique insight into the historical significance of destinations, which we then blend with our proven travel and holiday expertise to provide a truly memorable experience.

We are currently partnered with Arena Travel to deliver our 'Journeys of Remembrance' programme. View our introductory video below or visit the Remembrance Travel website for details at

Remembrance Travel for Schools

School outing The Legion organises tours for schools and young people and specialises in taking 13-17 year olds on affordable visits to the battlefields of Europe. Advice can be given on pre-tour work to help students and staff gain the maximum benefit from their trip, and tours are accompanied by an expert guide with lectures, on-site briefings, videos etc to enhance and complement the curriculum. All arrangements include a free place for teachers on the ratio of one to ten students.

Visit the Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People website ( for more information or contact us to register your interest.

Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People
McMillan House
Cheam Common Road
Worcester Park KT4 8RQ
T: 020 8335 9768

War Widows Grant-in-Aid Scheme

war widow at a graveThis Government sponsored scheme enables war widows (and widowers), who have not done so before at public expense, to make one visit to their husband's (or wife's) grave or memorial overseas.

The scheme covers those who lost a spouse during overseas military service between 1914 and 1967. Widows/widowers who have since remarried are equally eligible.

The Government will pay the full travel and accommodation cost for eligible widows/widowers and will also pay a carer's travel and accommodation costs within the UK.

Remembrance Travel administers the scheme on behalf of the Government and has already helped more than 4.000 widows and widowers to visit nearly 40 countries in Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Widows/widowers who have already travelled under this scheme are very welcome to travel with us again, but at the full price.

For further information contact Remembrance Travel on 020 3207 2321 or visit

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