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Remembrance Travel for Schools & Young People

Ages & curriculum Links

There is no set level of academic achievement required by students to attend Remembrance Travel Tours for Schools and Young People - information, activities and discussion can all be adapted to address the needs, levels and abilities of everyone.

On the tours, our guides will use a variety of delivery techniques — texts will be used alongside maps and first person accounts. If teachers wish to introduce any particular topic or materials, they are welcome to do so.

The tours are all designed to introduce Remembrance issues as well as address and support delivery of the National Curriculum and subject areas.

KEY STAGE 2 - Primary Schools

Our UK and European coach tours are all suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. They meet a number of the subject needs including History, Citizenship, English and Art and Design as well as supporting an understanding of cultural heritage and commemorations.

KEY STAGE 3 (11-14 years of age)

Our tours support the current Key Stage 3 curriculum for History, Citizenship and English.

KEY STAGE 4 - GCSE and other qualifications (15-16 years of age)

All our tours are ideally suited for GCSE History students. The tours will de designed to encourage students to carry out their own investigations, in addition to the input provided by your tour guide.

Other specific aspects of focus will be drawn out, after consultation with you and according to your students' studies. Examples of themes that can be covered are technology and the First and Second World Wars, the build up to the Holocaust and the impact of the Cold War.

All of the tours also contain cross curricular information and skills development. They are therefore ideally suited as an opportunity to support a number of subjects.

POST 16 AGE GROUP - AS/A Level and other qualifications (16-18 years of age)

Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People tours can be adapted to suit many aspects of the post-16 curriculum, either as a standard historical tour that examines the issues in greater depth for AS/A Level History students or as 'topic-led' tours on themes such as Poetry and Conflict; Peace settlements; regeneration after conflict; or War Crimes and War Crimes trials.

Free Learning Pack

Learning Pack 2013/2014Our FREE Learning Pack is designed to assist teachers to introduce specific themes into the classroom.

Although it primarily covers the History and Citizenship curricula, it can also be used to support literacy and aspects of PSHE and Religious Studies.

All our learning resources are available, free of charge, all year round.

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