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Remembrance Travel for Schools & Young People

About us

ypres_names.jpgAs the national custodian of Remembrance, The Royal British Legion believes that Remembrance should be used to educate people about the realities of conflict, those that are affected by wars and the importance of peace.

Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People was therefore set up by the Legion to enable this belief to become a reality.

Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People, along with The Royal British Legion's Learning programme, supports schools and young people as they start to understand and participate in Remembrance, and to learn about people whose lives are affected by conflict.

Knowing about those who fought, or those whose lives were affected by conflict, has the power to bring communities together, recognising contributions and sacrifice from around the world. For students in the UK, the opportunity to travel with Remembrance Travel and participate in an Act of Remembrance, can open up new experiences and levels of understanding about those who live around them.

To ensure that you enjoy the very highest standards of tour arrangements, the Legion has chosen the Newmarket Group to deliver the logistical arrangements for the tours, including the transport and accommodation, as well as the responsibility of liaising with you and looking after every aspect of your arrangements, from your initial enquiry until you return from the tour.

Why choose Remembrance Travel?

With over 85 years of worldwide travel experience with the custodians of Remembrance, there are a number of reasons to choose Remembrance Travel:

  • we meet the needs of the national curriculum
  • our tours are individually designed to suit the faiths, abilities and interests of the group
  • we are committed to education through learning outside the classroom
  • our experienced DBS-checked guides are fully trained to work with students and young people

Bringing learning to life

Our tours are designed to bring the past to life. Our aim is that students understand the sites they visit not as monuments to people of the past, but as living memories to help us understand and reflect on the present.

Engaging and understanding

Visits to real historical sites, including battlefields and military cemeteries provide learners and teachers with an opportunity to learn in different ways. Working with the Legion's Learning Programme, your Remembrance Travel tour will be designed to relfect the aims of your school, curriculum and the interests of your students.

Group cohesion

Remembrance Travel believes that group cohesion builds a sense of unity and respect that is essential to a successful tour. To increase the shared learning opportunities the simple 'listen and learn' approach has been developed into an interactive style with related activities. These encourage group/team work without resorting to endless worksheets. Remembrance is explored in its different forms of collective and individual practice. An act of Remembrance is held at the end of each tour creating a group bond.

Experienced guides

Our DBS checked guides, many with direct Service experience, encourage participation, exploration and debate as they recount the experiences of those who were there. They use tour specific support materials linked to curricula or themes to create interest and involvement. See our Tour guides section for more information.

A helping hand

We understand the difficulties that schools and organisations can experience when travelling outside of their usual environment. At Remembrance Travel we can offer advice and help with all stages of pre-tour planning including risk assessments to ensure a smooth process throughout. 

In as little as one day we can enhance the National Curriculum for History and Citizenship; we can also provide support for Geography, English and PSHE. See Age & Curriculum section for more information.  

It was a fantastic tour which was incredibly rewarding for staff and students alike. I know that I learned a great deal which will aid my teaching of the Great War in lessons.
The City Academy Hackney

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