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I would like to hear and record the experiences of British soldiers who served in Germany just after the Second World War. I'm interested in finding out about their relations with civilians and the German authorities. I'm also interested in finding out about the black market and what the authorities...
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Posted: 10 March 2016

Alasdair posted an entry on the Every Man Remembered website about his great uncle Noel Malcolm who died in Forbach in 1918 during the First World War. Noel is buried in France. Alasdair wrote that Noel had one surviving sister – Dorothy, but my grandmother (Jean Gilchrist Malcolm, later Clements) w...
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Posted: 9 March 2016

Doreen was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service and Women's Royal Army Corps. She lived in Willesden.
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Posted: 4 March 2016

Roger Brazier was a signalman (number 23986026) in the 8th Signal Regiment, 2nd Squadron.
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Posted: 3 March 2016

I am trying to trace my father. He was in the Army in 1944 and was born in Aberdeen on 13 February 1918.
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Posted: 2 March 2016

Mum and Dad's (Margaret and Alec's) Diamond Wedding is coming up in October this year. Hopefully you are still able to make contact.
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Posted: 29 February 2016

I'm searching for a needle in a haystack! I'm trying to find my father whose name is unknown to me. He dated my mother Jacqueline (Jackie) June Payne. He was possibly based at RAF Rackheath, Norwich, Norfolk, England between 1950 and 1953. I was born in 1952. They used to go dancing at the Samson an...
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Posted: 25 February 2016

I'm looking for details about my father. I have conflicting information about him and would like to confirm what is true and to know more. He was a pilot who possibly retired as Squadron Leader (possibly Squadron 31 or 51) but I'm not sure. He was from North Wales and looked like David Niven!
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Posted: 24 February 2016

Chris was in the Royal Horse Artillery in the 1990s. He left around 2006. He has since rejoined the Armed Forces but doing what I don't know.
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Posted: 23 February 2016

William Duffy was taken prisoner on 7 May 1953 when serving as an observer with 1913 Light Liaison Flight. Both he and the pilot parachuted out and were captured.
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Posted: 23 February 2016

Harry Holland joined the Territorial Army in 1943 and was later assigned to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). He died in 1955 but I am looking for anyone who may have known him or have photographs of him. He was my grandfather and, sadly, no photos remain of him. If anyone can help, I would be tr...
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Posted: 16 February 2016

I think Ron or Jenny were from Dundee. They were in the 21 Signal Regiment F Heavy Cable Troop.
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Posted: 16 February 2016

My Father was Norman William Aspinall, brother of Clifford Aspinall. I am interested in making contact with Clifford's relatives so that I may learn about our family history.
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Posted: 15 February 2016

My wife has possession of the Second World War Service medals of her late father (Lieutenant R C Thom of the Gordon Highlanders). The Defence Medal in the cluster is in the name of the officer sought above and has clearly been mounted as the result of a mix-up. I would like to remedy this error with...
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Posted: 15 February 2016

Does anyone know or remember a man called David L. Jones who was born in 1948 in the Shortheath area of Willenhall, West Midlands? I understand at one time he was a member and regular visitor of the Royal British Legion Club in Shortheath, before possibly moving away to another area and possibly get...
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Posted: 14 February 2016

I met Jenny, a Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) nurse, when I was in the Royal Herbert Hospital. She left for Rinteln in 1969. It would be nice to see how life has treated her after all this time.
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Posted: 11 February 2016

I would like to hear from anyone that knew my father. He was from Sydenham, England, and was in the Remes in India in 1947. His name was Leonard Keeling, but he was known as John . I didn't get to see my father because he died before I was born. I would just like to know a bit about his time in the ...
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Posted: 7 February 2016

Robert Harris was the grandson of Fredrick Harris of Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, and the brother of Edwin Harris who was an undertaker in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England.
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Posted: 6 February 2016

I was born in Maidstone, Kent, to Beverly Dawn Mills and my father was Ronald Geoffrey Hall. His mum was Dorothy May Hall and his father was William John Hall. I know this as my father wrote it in my baby book. I was born in 1982. I know nothing about my father or his family and would love to know. ...
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Posted: 5 February 2016

Jim & I were both printers in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) and served together at Ordnance Depot Viersen in both the 1970s and 1980s. Jim retired from the Army in approx 85–6 as a WO1. Jim was originally from Liverpool and was a Liverpool FC supporter. I think his wife, Shirley, came from t...
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Posted: 4 February 2016

Carol was known as Jean Walters before her marriage to Brian Williams.
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Posted: 31 January 2016

I would love to get in touch with them or their children Steven and Simon. Please let me know if you have any information on them. I would be ever so grateful.
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Posted: 29 January 2016

Frederick Alan Lewis was married to Pauline Richardson on 30 March 1968 in St Paul The Apostle Church, RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. They may have lived at 31 Mount Road, Barcebridge Heath, Lincoln sometime around 1971. I believe they divorced but do not know when – the information I have suggests sometime ...
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Posted: 26 January 2016

My father was a national serviceman in the early 1960s in the Royal Hampshire Regiment who served in Jamaica. He is trying to contact an old friend – Neville Cooper. He was in HQ Company and I think he was in the PRI shop, although I'm not sure about this.
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Posted: 21 January 2016

Robert Johnson was a member of the Royal British Legion in the Enfield area of London. He was born in 1943 and at some point worked as a landscape gardener. His wife's name was Patricia.
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Posted: 21 January 2016

I am searching for Robert for my Aunt Phylis. Robert was in the Army. He was born in 1940 and came from Royston, Hertfordshire.
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Posted: 17 January 2016

I'm looking for my biological father. I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1950. All I know for sure is that my father was a British soldier stationed in Berlin. After I was born, he was shipped back to England. I was told, back then, when a English soldier got a German girl pregnant, they would ship th...
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Posted: 10 January 2016

Raymond was born in 1923 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, UK. He emigrated to Canada when he was one year old and has lived here since. He served in the Second World War and I believe he was in the invasion in Sicily. He is my cousin and he has no surviving immediate family. I lost contact with him at the ...
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Posted: 9 January 2016

Looking for Doctor Steve Scot based in Akrotiri Cyprus year in service 1990 married Cathy Scot they have two children.
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Posted: 7 January 2016

Looking for any person who served with the Para Sqn RAC between 1965 and 1976 who would like to attend the 2016 reunion. Out of all the people who served, 40 have never attended. The 2016 reunion will be held on 14th May 2016. I will supply full details on request.
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Posted: 28 December 2015

I'm looking for my biological father. The only information I know is that when i was born in August 1996 at that time my father named Martin Murray was a paratrooper in the RAF or the Army. I'm not entirely sure but it's been 19 years and after so many years of searching hopefully I can track him do...
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Posted: 10 December 2015

Staff Sgt Joseph Maliska seeking Ex-tanks John Butler then transferred to MCTC (MPSC nowadays) in about 1982/3 when I was already stationed there. John left there after full service, around 1994.
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Posted: 8 December 2015

I last heard of Elizabeth when she joined the WRAF as a junior officer stationed in Plymouth in 1962/3. She came from Lower Gornal, near Dudley, Staffs.
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Posted: 7 December 2015

Born 8 August 1941. Left Trinidad in the early 1960s to study in London England then enlisted in the RAF 1964 thru 1969 and returned to London. Last seen in parks, library and metro in the early 70s other names use Errol St Rose has a nickname Boyie. Only surving sister is Merle St Rose lives in the...
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Posted: 6 December 2015

My grandfather and your great grandmother are brother and sister and I would love to know where all the children went after Emily Elizabeth died in December 1901. I found the eldest brother John and sister Vera Maria and found Henry Frank in the Army in India and I have a copy of his service record ...
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Posted: 3 December 2015

Born Nov 59 in Dewsbury West Yorkshire he was in 22 sigs. stationed in Lippstadt until 1980 after that he was stationed in Hereford.
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Posted: 3 December 2015

was in the royal air force in the late 1940s
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Posted: 1 December 2015

Richard's grandmother Emily Elizabeth Hall was my grandfather James Charles Hall's sister and I have loads of family information
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Posted: 28 November 2015

Ernest Thorlow was a Q-Master Sergeant and fought in France 1944-45 and then went to India. He's very keen to find if there are any surviving members of his squadron
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Posted: 27 November 2015

He was with the South African Signal Company Regiment. I have acquired a pair of his binoculars and would like to return them to his family.
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Posted: 25 November 2015

we both served in the Durham light infantry until he was wounded.
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Posted: 24 November 2015

There is a photo of 60 RAF Cosford men, does anyone have their forenames, surnames and RAF service numbers so we can identify unknown personnel in photo? Members of RAFA Nairn branch seek to help the personnel being sought, as well as finding men or women who knew my late father ex-RAF 1944-1952, ...
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Posted: 21 November 2015

Looking for descendants of E Christie - A.T.S. Number W/21/507. I have an identity bracelet which I found in Scotland around 1968. Previous attempts at finding descendants over the years has failed. I would like to return it to E Christie's family.
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Posted: 21 November 2015