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Stories of D-Day Veterans

There have been many books, films and television programmes made about D-Day and each one of the hundreds of thousands of people involved in the overall operation has a story to tell.

We've compiled a selection of veterans' stories, many of which appeared in the Badge of Honour section in our Legion magazine. Each one is a unique insight into that memorable occasion in June 1944.

Marine Len Bloomfield, Royal Marines, Artillery Troop Support. We followed Len's story as he returned to Normandy for the 70th anniversary #DDayLen Sadly Len passed away in November 2014

Able Seaman Brian Bignall, LCT 854, Sword Beach

Lance Corporal Denis Bowater, 3rd British Infantry Division, Sword Beach

REME Craftsman Robert Burton, 31st Tank Brigade, Sword Beach

Sub-Lieutenant Brian Carter, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves, Omaha Beach

Stan Dickenson, Royal Artillery Corp, Gold Beach

Private Tommy Nicholls, 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders, Normandy

Marine Harold Robinson, Royal Marines, RMS Ramillies, off Normandy beaches

Leading Aircraftman David Roulston, 146 Typhoon Wing, St Croix-sur-Mer, Normandy 

Seaman Ivor Stephens, Coastal Forces, ML143 of the 5th ML Flotilla, Omaha Beach 

Our D-Day Dozen featured in a special edition of Poppy Press for the 60th Anniversary and some of our veteran's stories are featured in the Westminster Collection D-Day Dozen commemorative collection available at www.theddaydozen.co.uk

D-Day 65 veterans on beach in Normandy
Veterans on Normandy Beach for the 65th anniversary of D-Day

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