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Royal British Legion to Ken Clarke: Drop “Monstrous” Secret Hearings Now

4 April 2012

Bereaved Armed Forces families will benefit from challenges to Ken Clarke's "monstrous" plans to create secret inquests, The Royal British Legion said today.

"The Justice Secretary's arrogant and reckless plans to hide military inquests behind a veil of national security are a perversion of justice and must be stopped," the nation's leading Armed Forces charity said in a statement. "Bereaved Armed Forces families must not be cut out of inquests into their loved ones' deaths," it added.

"As the national custodian of Remembrance and the source of advice and comfort to bereaved military families, we applaud Nick Clegg and the Joint Committee on Human Rights. The rule of law must prevail over these monstrous plans that would undermine centuries of British justice.

"The nation's fallen heroes, and their families, deserve better."

Clarke had earlier accused the Legion of believing "conspiracy theories" about the proposed changes which would allow court hearings into military deaths to be held in secret.

"Evidently, the conspiracy theory is also believed by the Deputy Prime Minister, an influential cross-party committee of MPs and expert groups such as INQUEST, Liberty, and Reprieve," the Legion added. "It's time that Ken Clarke stopped hiding behind empty rhetoric and dropped these dangerous plans."

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