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Representing our beneficiaries

We work with politicians to improve the lives of the whole Armed Forces community.

We have been campaigning to further the cause of serving personnel, ex-Service men and women and their families since 1921.

Latest campaigns

Community CovenantsThe Legion is very supportive of Community Covenants, which were introduced as a result of campaigning by the Legion to get the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant written into law. They have the potential to make a real difference on the ground in local communities.

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Previous campaigns

Honour the CovenantThe Legion has more than 90 years of history campaigning for the rights of its beneficiaries. From fighting for pensions and jobs after the First World War to the Armed Forces Covenant being written into law recently, the Legion is the voice of the Armed Forces community.

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Our work in Wales

Welshassembly 2007With a separate legislature in Wales, it is essential for the Legion to engage with policymakers on behalf of our beneficiaries in Wales. 

In particular we work to ensure the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant are maintained.

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Research and policy work

Helping youThe Legion's latest policy briefings, consultation responses, research projects and other publications on a wide range of subjects such as mental health, alcohol misuse, Gulf War etc, as well as links to other relevant documents and publications, are available here.

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