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Volunteer for the Legion

Volunteer as part of a group

Whether you're a student, cadet, employee, serving with the Armed Forces or belong to another organisation, your group could make a big difference to our fundraising.


Collecting for the Poppy Appeal with your college or university is a fantastic experience, giving you the opportunity to collect huge donations and have a great time too.

You can collect almost anywhere in the country, and our regional fundraising teams will support you to make your fundraising a success.

We need a license to collect for every location we have volunteers standing, so if your RAG team wants to collect on a busy high street, tube or train station, get in touch and we'll let you let you know what dates we have available.

What the students say - Jamie Oliver, Loughborough RAG Chair

Loughborough RAG"Loughborough University have collected for the Poppy Appeal during their RAG week for the last 6 years, and we organise students to collect in our local area as well as arranging a couple of coach-loads to travel down to London. It's a social occasion for us all as well as a RAG raid and we have a great time.

The fundraisers in London organise free accommodation for us the night before and then help out on the day too, keeping us fed and watered and making sure that their support squad replenish our poppy stocks and empty our heavy buckets. We collected over £34,000 in just one day last year!"

Groups and cadet units

volunteer - cadetBe part of our team and volunteer for the Poppy Appeal with your group or cadet unit.

From collecting at your local supermarket, to helping our Poppy Appeal Organisers count the money that is raised, we would really value you on our team.

If your group would like to support us during the Poppy Appeal, get in touch.

Employee volunteering

Volunteer as a groupGet your company behind the Poppy Appeal this year by taking on a collection location near your office for a day.

Collecting is a flexible way of volunteering and is hugely rewarding, and our regional fundraising teams will support you all the way!

How it works

  • Our regional fundraising teams give you available dates for collection locations nearest your office.
  • You provide volunteers from your company for a set period - normally 8am to 7pm. Staff can volunteer for as little as half an hour - it's amazing how much you can collect in such a short time!
  • We will provide you with posters, adverts and information for your staff areas and intranet to help you recruit volunteers.
  • We'll also drop off the collection tins and permits you need as well as pick them up afterwards - all you need to do is sort out your rota.
  • We'll let you know how much your company has collected.
  • There are promotional opportunities with your volunteers, who stand in areas of high footfall, and we are happy to assist you make the most of these opportunities.

In 2013, employee volunteers played a large part in helping the London Poppy Appeal raise over £1million in a single day!

If your company is interested in employee volunteering, get in touch.

Serving and ex-Service personnel

Volunteer - Service personnelCollecting for the Poppy Appeal is a great experience, but if you're in uniform or wearing medals it can't be beaten! If you are serving or ex-service we'd love you to join our team.

Whether collecting individually, with your regiment or group, or helping us deliver boxes of poppies in your local area, being involved with the Poppy Appeal is a great way to support the Armed Forces family, and you'll be amazed by the support you receive from the general public too.

Our City Poppy Days are a great way for you to join in.

To get involved, just get in touch.

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