Poppy Picnic

Poppy Picnic


If you're looking for inspiration,, we have some exciting picnic recipe ideas from Rachel Turner. Use the links below to download a pdf version of each recipe.

HomemadebunsPulled Lamb Toasted Baps - these big meaty sandwiches are full of the flavours of Greece.

Nutty Quinoa Salad - This is the perfect salad for picnics as it will be just as good hours after making.

Quick Double Chocolate Millionaire's Shortbread - a fast version of classic Millionaire's shortbread (sometimes called Wellington squares).

And if you have a favourite picnic recipe to share, we'd love to hear from you. Use the button on the right to send us the details. 

More great recipe ideas

James Martin, well known from Saturday Kitchen, has given us permission to reproduce his Pork & Armagnac Terrine from his book 'Slow Cooking' published by Quadrille (£20).

Download James Martin's Pork & Armagnac Terrine recipe.

Cupcake DayAnd we have some special poppy-related recipes from our Recipes for Remembrance cookbook that will add something special to your picnic.

Poppy Toffee Cupcakes

Poppy Seed Bread recipe.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins recipe.

And to ensure you can make the most of the poppy theme for your picnic, here are the instructions for creating edible poppy flowers.

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