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The Poppy Girls

The Poppy Girls were picked after an exhaustive worldwide search for talent among Forces families, and have recorded the official Poppy Appeal single for 2013.

Megan, Florence, Alice, Bethany and Charlotte, all have Dads serving in the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force.

They will perform the single 'The Call (No need to say Goodbye)' in front of HM The Queen at the Legion's prestigious Festival of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 9 November.

Help raise money for our Armed Forces' families by getting The Poppy Girls to No 1 in the singles chart. Order now on Amazon: http://po.st/PoppyGirlsYtA and iTunes: http://po.st/PoppyGirlsYTi

Read more about the girls below.

Charlotte Mellor

Poppy Girl CharlotteAge: 17

From: Boarding School in Cambridge; family live in Wolverhampton, Shropshire.

Born: Northallerton, Yorkshire

Service connection: Charlotte's father is a Padre (Methodist Minister) and Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force. He recently returned from an extended deployment in the Gulf.

In her own words: "Not many people consider what life is like for a military kid. It's not the easiest start in life; I'm 17 now and wouldn't change one thing about it.

"Dad joined the RAF as a Padre when I was three and my brother six, so this has been my life for longer than I can remember.

"We've been posted to eight different places and each has memories. Moving regularly and having to change schools every year or two, you learn how to make friends quickly and find people who are in the same situation as you.

"The three months when Dad goes out of area are in no way easy, but your life cannot just shut down because one of the most important people in your life isn't there.

"It was really difficult when I started boarding school, being around people where money is no object, who have had such a different upbringing to me – but with the support of my family and the RAF, I've been able to have the best education and life I could hope for.

"One of my biggest passions in life is musicals and it' a yearly treat for our family to see one. I love baking and experimenting in the kitchen, but it doesn't always work out well!"

Bethany Davey

Poppy Girl BethanyAge: 15 

From: Dartford, Kent

Born: Gravesend, Kent

Service connection: Bethany's father is serving in the Army Reserves. He has been on a number of operational deployments.

In her own words: "I've been singing all my life, however up until the age of 11, I was always too shy to sing in front of family, let alone an audience! I have been taking singing lessons for the last four years.

"I think the reason I have been singing for so long isn't just because music is a passion of mine, but also because I can't see myself doing anything else but singing in the future. Whether it's singing to audiences of thousands, or teaching others to sing - as long as I'm singing, I'll always be happy.

"I recently stopped taking piano lessons; however I still regularly compose my own little pieces. I've also been taking guitar lessons for a few months.

"My great grandmother – who unfortunately passed away a few years ago – used to sing in concert halls in Glasgow. My granddad thinks he can sing… I think he's a lot better at playing the violin…

"Aside from singing, I love meeting up with friends, writing songs every now and then, and listening to music – mostly pop, but I also like a lot of rock and indie. My top five at the moment would be; Imagine dragons, Christina Aguilera, You me at six, Bastille and James Arthur.

"The best thing about being in a forces family… THIS! Being a Poppy Girl. The worst thing about being in a forces family… the separation I guess.

"One weird thing I do, that nobody else knows is whistling by sucking inwards rather than blowing outwards."

Alice Milburn

Poppy Girl AliceAge: 13

From: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Born: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Service connection: Alice's father has served in the Royal Navy since he was 19 and has regularly deployed overseas and her mum was in the RAF for eight years.

In her own words: "I first started singing, apparently, before I could talk, but I only started singing lessons when I was seven. I really enjoy singing and I am working towards my Grade Six Award. I play the piano and also the ukulele.

"No one else in my immediate family can sing, so I have no idea where it comes from; my Great Great Grandfather however, was part of a musical and singing act in the 1920s.

"My hobbies include hockey, swimming and Facebook!

"My singing inspiration is Adele because she works hard and is a strong and independent female singer. My ukulele inspiration is the Rev Stephen Coulter from Dorset (who taught me how to play).

"I mainly listen to the top forty, but I also like folk music as well. My top five would be Taylor Swift, Adele, Mumford and sons, Lumineers and Jake Bugg, but I have lost my iPod so I'm not listening to a lot at the moment!

"The best thing about being part of a forces family, is knowing my Dad does a job respected by members of the public and that if I chose to join the forces in the future, I would be well supported. The hardest thing about being a forces family is that my Dad can go away for long periods of time without any notice."

Megan Adams

Poppy Girl MeganAge: 10

Lives: Stirling, Scotland

Born: Stirling, Scotland

Service connection: Megan's father has served in the Royal Navy for 26 years and is on a six month operational deployment in the Indian Ocean.

In her own words: "I started singing lessons about 1 and a half years ago because I love it so much and it makes me very happy.

"As well as having singing lessons I am also learning the piano. I am hoping to start guitar lessons soon!

"Nobody in my family can sing although my mum thinks she can sing!

"Myhobbies include: mountain biking, skiing, swimming and playing with my friends.

"My musical inspiration is Taylor Swift. Pop is my favourite, but I also love stage music.  Currently I'm listening to a lot of One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs and Taylor Swift – of course!

"The best thing about being a forces family, is getting to meet other forces children and my dad once organised for us to visit his ship.

"The hardest thing about being a forces family is that we could only see my dad on the weekends for five years. It's really difficult now because my dad is away for another six months. It's also tough because my big sister goes away to a boarding school so that she can stay in one school to do her exams.

"What people don’t know about me? I still like to sleep with my Dumbo teddy bear."

Florence (Florrie) Ransom

Poppy Girls FlorrieAge: 10

From: Petersfield, Hampshire

Born:  Winchester, Hampshire

Service Connection: Florrie's father is serving in the Royal Navy, her grandfather was in the RAF and her great grandfather was in the Army. Florrie's mum, Katherine, was a part of the chart-topping Military Wives choir.

In her own words: "I started singing when I was four in the school playground, but didn't start singing lessons until I was 10. I'm also a member of the school choir.

"The reason I sing so much is because I love it and it's my passion. I used to play the piano but I stopped. I now play the recorder and I'm hoping to learn the guitar in the future.

"There are lots of singers in my family. My mum sings in the Military Wives Choir, my sister sings in the school choir and my granddad used to sing in the police choir.

"In my spare time I like walking my dog Sprocket, writing stories and doing photography. I'm also a Cub and love swimming – I'm a rookie Life Guard.

"My inspiration is my Great Granddad because he was a kind man and he fought for his country.

"My top five bands are Adele, Take That, ELO, Matt Cardle, and Ellie Goulding.

"A lot of people don't know this, but I am actually Lady Florence, because I own a patch of land in Scotland!

"The best thing about being a forces family, is getting lots of presents when my dad comes back from deployment and the hardest thing is my dad goes away a lot and we miss him. I love spaghetti and my sister Isla. I have 5 chickens, 5 goldfish and a dog and if I could do anything – other than be in The Poppy Girls – I'd like to star in Wicked in the West End."

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