Pennies allows you to give your small change a big purpose – by donating a few pence to charity when paying by card.

Pennies are a digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, designed to fit with our increasingly cashless lifestyles. During this year's Remembrance period, Adnams Brewery has teamed up with Pennies to offer customers the chance to donate to the Legion in their stores. Customers will be given the option to donate to us while using chip and pin card machines.

Ben France, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Legion, said: "We are delighted to be in partnership with Adnams this Remembrance. Working alongside Pennies, we are excited to be able to offer Adnams’ customers the chance to support the Legion this Remembrance by donating their spare change when paying in stores. The donations received from Adnams via Pennies will allow the Legion to continue its vital work in supporting the Armed Forces Community and their families."

Pennies has donated millions to various charities over the years and the Legion are excited to be working with them alongside Adnams. Every penny you give goes to charity: 90% goes to The Royal British Legion and 10% goes to Pennies.