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Clive Smith at The Battle Back Centre (Lilleshall)In 2012:

We spent £84 million on health and welfare - that's £1.6 million every week that we spend on welfare activities. Find out more about how we can help.

We continued our ten-year commitment of £27 million to the Battle Back Centre

and £23 million towards five Personnel Recovery Centres.

We spent £22 million running our Care Homes and Break Centres.

We supported over 25,300 beneficiaries through grant giving with £18.2 million of individual grants awarded. You can read some of their stories here.

589 people received Employment Grants totalling £748,990 through our Civvy Street programme and

Albert and Evelyn HaslamBe the Boss provided 96 business set-up loans.

69 beneficiaries were given specialist support and advice relating to independent inquests

people saw the Bravo 22 stage production of 'The Two Worlds of Charlie F'

No gift is too small. Whatever you give will help us carry on with our work. Follow this link to find out how to donate.

2012 Annual Report figures

The following piecharts show how The Royal British Legion's income was raised and how the money was spent, in the 2012 accounting year (1 October 2011 to 30 September 2012).

How the income was raised Total £132.8m
Our income in 2012   Poppy Appeal £42.8m
  Donations & legacies £40.1m
  Events, lotteries & trading £18.5m
  Care home fees £12.9m
  Grants received   £7.1m
(to pay for welfare services & Remembrance)
  Membership subscriptions   £4.9m
  Investment income   £5.3m
  Other Income   £1.2m
How the money was spent Total £140.5m 
 What we spent in 2012   Care Homes & Break Centres £22.0m
  Providing welfare services £61.8m
  Supporting our Membership  £8.3m
  Campaigning £10.9m
  Remembrance   £6.5m
  Comradeship   £0.6m
  Raising the money £28.9m
  Governing the charity   £1.5m

Follow the poppy infographic

Poppyspend _250Have you ever wondered what happens to the money you donate when you wear a poppy?

We've built Follow the poppy, a fun, interactive experience to show how the Legion puts your donations to good use, helping the Armed Forces family.