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Door-to-door fundraising

Door-to-door fundraisersDoor-to-door fundraising is an essential part of how the Legion plans to engage with new supporters, providing an opportunity for people to speak with someone about our work at any time of year, and consider a valuable regular gift to support our work.

Our door-to door fundraisers work on our behalf through Appco Group Support. This agency is one of the largest and most trusted in the UK, and has co-ordinated door-to-door campaigns for some of the country's most respected and successful charities.

Our door-to-door fundraisers will never ask for cash, and our campaigns are designed to provide the Legion with much needed year-round income by obtaining direct debit donations or weekly Poppy Lottery subscriptions.

Please be assured that agreeing to give a gift to us by Direct Debit is very secure and safe. Only legitimate, registered groups like us are able to use your information, and you will be fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Our door-to-door fundraisers will:

  • Wear a tabard with The Royal British Legion corporate logo
  • Display an 'Appco Group Support' or 'Magnum' identification badge with their name, photo and employee number.
  • Carry up-to-date Royal British Legion literature, including information booklets, 'Thank you for Listening' cards or numbered direct debit forms.

We monitor this activity very carefully, so if you have been unhappy with the conduct of a door-to-door fundraiser, or believe you have reason to doubt their authenticity, please email us at for a regular giving fundraiser, or for a Poppy Lottery fundraiser.

During December door-to-door activity will be taking place in the following Local Authority areas. Some limited Poppy Lottery activity may take place outside of these areas, so please do not hestitate to contact us if you would like to confirm that callers are genuine.

Epping Forest Council

Tower Hamlets

Waltham Forest

Dover District Council

Amber Valley Borough Council

South Holland District Council

South Kesteven District Council

Rushcliffe Council

Northampton Borough Council

Rugby Borough Council

Croydon Council


Harborough District Council


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