Viv Clarke is looking for E Christie (relatives of) Scotland, 1968

Looking for descendants of E Christie - A.T.S. Number W/21/507. I have an identity bracelet which I found in Scotland around 1968. Previous attempts at finding descendants over the years has failed. I would like to return it to E Christie's family.
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Posted: 21 November 2015

Andrea Taylor-Haynes is looking for Karen Brown Weymouth serving with the WRENS, October 1989

served as a RO on HMS OSPREY Portland
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Posted: 19 November 2015

Kenneth Cedric French is looking for Group Photo...C company RAOC Hilsea Barracks, Portsmouth..Feb 1951 28 Littlemede Eltham SE93EB, 1976

Army Number ...22441743..Private French
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Posted: 16 November 2015

Amanda Bolessder is looking for Bobbie Recklise Paris, 1983

21 years old
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Posted: 12 November 2015

Terry Rose is looking for Brendan Roland Ryan Harrow Middlesex , N/A

I never new about Brendan until my mother passed away,he was born in Dublin on 02/04/1944 and went through numerous boys homes, The last home he was in was Smylys boys home in dublin,which paid for his fare to England in 1962 where he worked in the kingshead hotel in Harrow on the hill middlesex,...
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Posted: 6 November 2015

Edna Smith is looking for Ben Smith (Smudger) 8th Army, WW2

Anyone who was in the 8th Army in 39-45 War or a Relative & might have known my Dad Ben Smith (Smudger). I'm probably looking for the unobtainable but I'll try anyway!
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Posted: 5 November 2015

Angela Adlard is looking for Rae Boyle Doncaster,

Rae Boyle was in the REME and was posted to Fallingbostel in Germany and was there in 1991. My ex-husband Philip Adlard was in the same regiment as Rae Boyle. Rae married Maggis who was my son Gary's godparent.
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Posted: 4 November 2015

Helen Rimmer is looking for Ted Walsall, Staffordshire, April / May 1945

I realise this is a longshot but I am trying to trace my grandfather (see the photo). He was called Ted and had connections with Leichhardt NSW (we think his parents lived there) but we have no surname or detailed information. These photos was taken in December 1944 in Walsall, Staffordshire UK and...
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Posted: 3 November 2015

Claire Pyant is looking for Relatives of John Pearson of the Royal West Kent Regiment No.G/17985 , Died during First World War

I have been clearing out cupboards and found letters relating to John Pearson of Lime House. I also have his British War and Victory Medal. I would love his family to have these. Please contact me by email.
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Posted: 26 October 2015

Tony McArdle is looking for Jim Farr (London) Harry Woods (Liverpool), Dave Allen (Sheffield), all of Intelligence Corps from 1961 onwards. Rheindahlen, Germany , 1963

Each of course may have moved city, married and moved to wife's home town. But each will be known within business & social circles. Each now in his 70`s.
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Posted: 18 October 2015

Ann Claire Kay is looking for Emil Lev Katscherov ( AKA Katscher /Kay) Palestine,

I am trying to locate anyone who knew my father who fought with the 8th Army, then the D-Day Landings, and was at the liberation of Belsen. I understand that he was an Officer who was in a Tank Battalion. He ended up heading a Tank Battalion, but because he changed our family from Katscher to K...
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Posted: 15 October 2015

Bev Robinson is looking for Colin Mountain or his relatives India,

Served on HMS Stalker and HMS Liverpool in WW2. Went to India via Egypt.
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Posted: 13 October 2015

Dorit and Peter Heidemann is looking for Marine A.J.Callow Near Calais, 1942

Dorit and Peter Heidemann ( Berlin ) are looking for family and friends of Marine A.J.Callow . He passed away 19 AUGUST 1942, presumable during " Operation Jubilee " . Till now we wrote the following text to the Royal British Legion and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Berlin, 21 September...
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Posted: 10 October 2015

Tony "TICKTOCK" Jones - 1 is looking for Ken "THE ARTIST" Jones RAF Cosford, 1962

We were a group of five pals during our training days at RAF COSFORD 43rd Entry Teleg's. BOB "LOFTY" KELL RAY "SAUSAGE" JOHNSON BRIAN "BIG MAC" McMILLAN KEN "THE ARTIST" JONES AND MYSELF TONY "TICKTOCK" JONES
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Tony "TICKTOCK" Jones is looking for Brian "BIG MAC" McMillan RAF Digby, 1975

Big Mac was an excellent swimmer during his Cosford days.
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Tony Jones - 1 is looking for Bob Kell RAF Cosford, 1962

Bob "lofty" Kell was originally from the Kimberworth Estate Rotherham area S Yorks. He may remember me as "TICKTOCK TONY"
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Tony Jones is looking for Ray Johnson RAF Gatow Berlin, 1967

Ray's nickname was "sausage", my nickname was "ticktock"
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Berwinda Gavin is looking for Cuthbert Nathaniel Lashely ,

I was just wondering if anybody can remember Cuthbert Nathaniel Lashley was in the RAF in 1944 to 1948 he was a black servicemen
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Mr Kenneth Webb RN is looking for Able Seaman Joseph Booth relatives believe to live in Manchester Area Normandy Beaches on 7th June 1944, 7th June 1944

To find living relative. I visited Bayeux War Cemetery on the 25th September 2015 to visit his grave No XIV.1.12 and to my surprise someone else had visited the grave so that is the person Im looking for. Joseph died along side of me next day after D-Day.
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Posted: 9 October 2015

Alan Verney is looking for Bedfs & Herts Demob Group 52/17 BEDFORD KEMPSTON BARRACKS, October 1952

I am seated to the right of Cpl Davies
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Posted: 7 October 2015

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