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Posted: 14 February 2016

Philip Saunders is looking for David L. Jones

Last seen: Willenhall, West Midlands born 1948

Does anyone know or remember a man called David L. Jones who was born in 1948 in the Shortheath area of Willenhall, West Midlands? I understand at one time he was a member and regular visitor of the Royal British Legion Club in Shortheath, before possibly moving away to another area and possibly getting married. I would think David would be about 67 or 68 now. His father was John Jack Jones and his mother was Lily Jones (nee Lunt). He had a brother called Brian (born about 1941) who died. They may have lived at one time in Ravenscroft Road at number 97 (near Pool Hayes School) and I believe had cousins named Williams in Shortheath and Fryer in Bilston. I am working on a possible TV programme which I will be the presenter on, relating to the First World War. It is a fascinating story and we would really like to speak to David L. Jones. His grandfather and my great uncle was Private Aaron Jones of the Worcestershire Regiment who was a regular soldier for nine years, was recalled as a reservist and was one of the first soldiers from Wolverhampton to be killed in the First World War – as part of the British Expeditionary Force, 4th Battalion, Worcester Regiment – in 1914. I would really like to speak to David or any children he may have had to bring a special link to the present time. There is quite an amazing story about our ancestor that I would like to talk to them about. I have added a picture of the grave of David's parents in Bentley Lawn Cemetery, Willenhall which might jog someone's memory. Please help us to find David L. Jones if you can!

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