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Posted: 17 May 2016

Henk van Kuyen (the Netherlands) is looking for Tom Storr

Last seen: Helmond 1944

I 'm going to write a book about my ( grand) parents , my life and the spirit for my children and grandchildren, brother and sisters. In the documents of my parents I've found a letter written by Tom Storr which was stationed in Helmond (Netherlands) and, as far as I have understood from the letter, was visiting Dutch families in Helmond. In poor Dutch , he wants to show his gratitude. A copy of that letter I attached. Is it possible to find Tom Storr or his family. I want to put a picture of Tom Storr in my book, so that Tom Storr get's a face. Rangnumber T/240806 Cpl. Storr. T, 1521 Arty Ptn RASC B.L.A. 1521 Artillery Platoon RASC was part of 738 Company RASC (Royal Army Service Corps (Artillery)) and as such part of the 9 AGRA (Army Group Royal Artillery). RASC units provide logistics for their units. In this case the AGRA. An AGRA was a more or less independent artillery unit within the British 21st Army Group and could be used to support one of the corps within the army group. 9th AGRA was not involved in the liberation of Helmond. War Diary of the 1521 Artillery Platoon RASC. The 1521 Platoon of Tom Storr was stationed in Helmond from October 25 to November 13, 1944. From the War Diary of the unit that they had the headquarters in Helmond (Netherlands) around Heistraat / Wolfstraat. The units themselves were at the Bakelsedijk sounds acceptable . Please could you help me finding Tom Storr or his family and perhaps a picture of Tom Storr.

Henk van Kuyen (the Netherlands)

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