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Posted: 21 November 2015

ian (1) is looking for RAF servicemen of RAF Cosford any flight served with Big Mac McMillan, Ray Johnson etc

Last seen: RAF Cosford 1962

There is a photo of 60 RAF Cosford men, does anyone have their forenames, surnames and RAF service numbers so we can identify unknown personnel in photo? Members of RAFA Nairn branch seek to help the personnel being sought, as well as finding men or women who knew my late father ex-RAF 1944-1952, Mt Branch drove allrsaf vehicles including queen mary articulated vehicers. Some unknown person came to Elgin his home town looking for him but they were left puzzled as to where he went. He only lived in Nairn not even the locals knew of him in Elgin. These Elginites should know their Elgin born folk, they the Elgin folk visited Nairn Seaforth Club and he my dad would ask about their fourth member of the Gordon family, the locals only thought that there was 3, but they knew nothing about him being the eldest of the family with sister Emily Marshall Gordon, Jasper and Lee Edward, all served in the UK armed forces.

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