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Posted: 3 November 2015

Helen Rimmer is looking for Ted

Last seen: Walsall, Staffordshire April / May 1945

I realise this is a longshot but I am trying to trace my grandfather (see the photo). He was called Ted and had connections with Leichhardt NSW (we think his parents lived there) but we have no surname or detailed information. These photos was taken in December 1944 in Walsall, Staffordshire UK and he was stationed at Lichfield or Hednesford (and billetted to Walsall) until the end of the war. We think he was a gunner in the RAAF In one of the larger photos these are taken from you can see he has corporal stripes. My dad (Philip) was born in January 1946 - we know that Ted and his family wanted my grandmother (Kathleen Westwood nee Brittain) to go to NSW with him but her family convinced her to stay in the UK. What we do know we were told by my Great Aunt who's wedding one of the photo of him was taken at - she just could not remember his surname and neither could anybody she asked before she passed away. Does anybody recognise him (he is the spit of my dad by the way) or know anyone with RAAF connections or Leichhardt connections? My parents and I have visited Leichhardt a few times but not had much luck with any clues. My grandma would have been 92 this year so chances are if Ted is still alive he will be very old but we are also interested in any other family - my dad could have half siblings etc or anybody who might have known him! (We have tried to trace him using RAAF records (no surname means we have had to be quite creative) and also Leichhardt electoral rolls with no luck so far although we have some more on order). (We have my dad's birth certificate and it has a blank. Also my Grandmother was married to someone else in 1942 who then was posted to Burma until 1946 - this is where Westwood comes from.)

Helen Rimmer

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