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Posted: 28 June 2015

Fred Carslake is looking for Members of Intake 57A at the AAS Harrogate

Last seen: Harrogate Army Apprentice School December 1959

My name is Fred Carslake and I live in Yate just north of Bristol, for the last 35 years I have been tracking down all the lads I joined the army with at the Army Apprentice School in Harrogate. We are all about 74 years of age now. It was early February 1957 that a crowd of waifs and strays from all over the country arrived at the Army Apprentice School Harrogate, and what a mixed bunch we were! There were Jocks - Geordies - Brummies - Taffs - Paddies - Scousers - Cockneys and many from the west of England plus a whole tribe of Africans from the Gold Coast. There were about 100 of us in the first draft and a further 60 (shadow intake) came in a couple of months later after the Easter holidays which, made a total of 160 and we were known as intake 57A. So far I have managed to find 97 but, it has taken me 35 years so my question today is can you HELP me find a few more please.

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