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Posted: 26 February 2015

David Armstrong is looking for John Gordon Fisher

Last seen: Merseyside 1960s

Hi I wonder if you would be able to help. I am currently helping my family with some genealogy research and we are trying to discover what happened to my father-in-law’s uncle. His name was John Gordon Fisher and he was born 3rd September 1908 in Wavertree, Liverpool. We know that he enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) in 1936 but are unsure if he served during WW2. Post-war he worked for British Rail in the North-West up until around 1959. In the early 1960’s he just upped and left and his family never heard from him again. There is a strong possibility that he changed or altered his name. I wondered if he might appear on any databases relating to the Armed Services or if he had a connection with the post-war veterans organisations. I know it’s a bit of a long shot but if anybody has any information or suggestions about what happened to him post-war I would be grateful if you could PM me.

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