Ranger Paddy Reilly is looking for Alan Bowe, Tommy Lawson, (toner) John Busabelt Gibraltar, 1969

Looking for anyone one in my regiment the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rangers
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Posted: 10 June 2015

Lawrence Linskey is looking for Gordon Cave Greece, 1950

Gordon was my father's best man and unfortunately I'm not sure if Gordon is still alive but would like to inform him that my Father Lawrence Linskey has died. I think Gordon was in the Highland Light Infantry judging by the photographs I have of him.
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Posted: 6 June 2015

David Eric Lee is looking for Michael John Lee and Graham Lee Birmingham, 1970s

My brothers Michael and Graham last seen in Birmingham UK 1970s (?).
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Posted: 5 June 2015

Ian G is looking for Group photo REF Halton, Jan-Dec 1950-1952, 2 and 3 wings RAF Halton 1950-1952, RAF service numbers 585671-585861, 1956

Seeking group photo of RAF halton personnel Jan 1950 - Dec 1952, individual RAF service from d.o 585671- po 585861, for all in three wings, of aircraft electrical, engines etc aptint out of any wing with the names of each on 3 or 4 rows
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Posted: 30 May 2015

Ian Gordon (1) is looking for Group photo RAF Melksham A flight, two wing RAF Melksham,1956, 1956

Looking for a copy and details of the 35, RAF lads in the photo, 14 March 1956, A Flight, 2 wing, with Mervyn Evans, as he lost his photo and seeks to copy his lost in garage accident
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Posted: 30 May 2015

Bertie Brice is looking for Dennis Johnson ,

'Johnno' served in the Royal Navy in WW2, lived in Clerkenwell, and was born around 1925. He was best man when Bertie and Doris married in 1947. Poss on HMS Wren?
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Posted: 29 May 2015

Richard (Len) Keyte is looking for 26 Tpt Clm RASC/26 Regt RCT Hamelin, 1960/70

Looking for ex-members to build up reunion and database of members
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Posted: 26 May 2015

Sylvia MacKinnon is looking for H. Devlin Bewick-Upon-Tweed, 1940s

Subject: meeting notes dating back to June 1941 I am looking for more details than what was reported in the Berwick Journal - Archie Murray, Newspaper articles, June 12, 1941. "It was resolved to send a letter of congratulations Sgt. H. Devin, K.O.S.B., a veteran of the last war and a past ste...
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Posted: 25 May 2015

Margery Clevett is looking for Ian Douglas Henderson India, 1940-45

My father served in the RAMC, became a Major, and was stationed in India during the war from 1940 to 1945. I would like to know where exactly he was stationed in India. He was born in Glasgow on 13/07/1912, graduated as a doctor from Glasgow university and was a GP in Renfrew, Scotland. He died 21...
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Posted: 23 May 2015

Ginger Marshall is looking for Edward F B Makepeace London, 1967

We are looking for our relative, Edward F B Makepeace (Eddie). He was in the Gordon Highlanders and last visited our family in London in 1967.
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Posted: 22 May 2015

A Strachan is looking for Information on British military survivors of V2 bombing, Antwerp 1944 Antwerp, 1944

Enquiring about association groups which may have information about British military survivors of the Rex Cinema, Antwerp; V2 bombing of 16 December 1944. Trying to trace a British soldier's family but without usual information of service number & military unit etc. Made enquiries in Belgium w...
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Posted: 12 May 2015

Michael Hanks is looking for Anyone knowing anything about my grandfather AW Hanks1679 Pvt. Worcestershire Regt Herbertern France KIA, 3 Jan 1916

Have some details of my grandfather would like a photo. My father would never speak of his father and he has passed away. So any photos or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Posted: 8 May 2015

Harold Meredith is looking for John Buswell Farnborough, 1959

John was a L/Cpl in the Royal Engineers and the last time I saw him was 1959.
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Posted: 4 May 2015

Marina Campbell is looking for Private Leslie Stamper North Africa, 1943

Private Leslie was last seen in Africa in 1943. He was English and was in the RAOC 2/8 Middlesex Regiment. He served in Northern Ireland in 1942 to 1943. He is my Grandfather.
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Posted: 4 May 2015

Ex Cpl Frank Zarb is looking for ex Sgt Bob Ines RAF Madalena radar Malta, 1978

Or call me on tel 00356/21581701. I remember that his wife's name is Monica like my wife's name.
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Posted: 2 May 2015

Ron Hart is looking for Douglas Haig 10 BOD Suez Canal Zone, 1954

Looking to contact Douglas Haig. If anyone has any information as to his whereabouts this would be gratefully received.
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Posted: 30 April 2015

Ian is looking for ex-RAF personnel RAF Halton, Padgate & Benson, 1950-64

Seeking 2 and 3 wing group photo of RAF Halton 64th entry Jan 1950-dec 1952. Also RAF Padgate June - September 1956, RAF personnel in group photo, with identity of each. if known. RAF Benson personnel 1961-64, Knight Webber, Forest, Dave Williams, Leo Horsfall and others
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Posted: 25 April 2015

Jacky Carter is looking for Lofty's family Malta , 1946/7

My mother found a picture of one of my father's old shipmates. All she has is the photo with Lofty, Malta 1946 written on the back. They both served on HMS Mermaid during the war. She would love the picture to be returned with his family. I have the photo but cannot upload it on this site.
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Posted: 24 April 2015

Rita Lim (married name Rita Croucher) is looking for Bob Fowler RAF Changi, Singapore, 1958

Bob Fowler married Rita Lim's best friend, Shirley Loke, in Kuala Lumpur. Shirley used to live in Khoo Teile, Ee Road, Kuala Lumpur.They then both moved to Singapore before returning to Cardiff, Wales in 1958
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Posted: 22 April 2015

Saviour Mangion [Sammy] is looking for Margret Thomas London, About 1973

Margret was a WREN writter at HMS Mercury. She come from Port Talbot in Wales. She had a brother called Phillip.
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Posted: 19 April 2015

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