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The Royal British Legion MediCinema

Simon Pegg previews the new MediCinema at Headley CourtThe Royal British Legion MediCinema at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey, is the UK's only dedicated cinema for recovering Service personnel.

The 50-seater, 3-D enabled, fully digital, state-of-the-art picture house with plush red seats, a snack bar and a mind-blowing surround-sound system opened in September 2012.

The cinema has been a huge hit with the recovering Service personnel at Headley Court who regularly fill it to capacity to watch the latest blockbusters sport and television shows on request.

At the weekends they can bring their families — and it's all free, thanks to the Legion, which provided the upfront cost of £410,000 and the film charity MediCinema (, which built and runs it.

Screenings are put on four evenings a week. A season of films aimed at those staying at Headley Court is prepared, generally action-based rather than chick-flicks! MediCinema then approach the film distributors and ask them to donate the films for free. Most say yes. During the day, the space is used as a lecture facility.

We used to take patients to the local cinemas, but you can imagine the logistics of that - we could only take so many wheelchairs on a bus and we'd have to turn people down. Now we don't have to turn anyone away. It's right here but at the same time you're escaping and going into a normal cinema.
Captain Dean Shenton

News and events

The MediCinema is used as a venue for events and activities for patients and their families.

Cuban Fury with Nick Frost
A screening of the film Cuban Fury was personally introduced by Nick Frost (picture below left) and Richard Marcel, the choreographer for the film held an exclusive Salsa class for patients. They had a wonderful day, and really enjoyed the full film experience.

Carry On Again Doctor with Barbara Windsor
To coincide with screening Carry on Again Doctor a mini quiz was held. Barbara Windsor made a special guest appearance and spoke to patients before the screening started.  Barbara shared her personal experiences on the Carry On movies which was greatly appreciated by patients. The wonderful cake seen in picture was provided by 'Cake for Casualties' (picture below right).

Fundraising event on the 26 June 2014
The Hothouse Cafe in the Medicine Garden is co-hosting a fundraising evening to support The Royal British Legion MediCinema at Headley Court. This is a beautiful local garden and restaurant and there will be a BBQ with live music and a live auction. It is a ticketed event for around 110 people, and further details will be available soon.

Nick Frost at the Cuban Fury night  Barbara Windsor with cake by Cakes for Casualties

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