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Dementia care

There are over 700,000 people on the UK with dementia and over the next 30 years this is expected to double. The Legion recognises the needs of beneficiaries for dedicated care for those living with dementia and for their carers.

The number of people with dementia is set to increase considerably over the next few years, which is why the Legion will be expanding its range of services to the elderly and vulnerable. Meeting the demand for dementia services is now more important than ever.
Laura Morton, Head of Care Services

Support in your home

Admiral Nurse Ben Upton with Mrs GordonThe Legion provides a community dementia nurse service through Admiral Nurses to support the carers of those living with dementia from within the Armed Forces community.

Nurses provide information, support and practical help to relieve commonly experienced issues such as stress and depression to enable people to better support their loved ones living with the condition. Find out more >>>

Dedicated Care Home facilities

Caring for those with dementia at Galanos HouseThe Legion is dedicated to providing specialist care and support to residents living with dementia and has purpose built residential dementia wings at four of its six care homes.

These are Dunkirk Memorial House in Somerset, Halsey House in Norfolk; Lister House in North Yorkshire; and Galanos House in Warwickshire.

Provision of these services relies on the wonderful support we receive from the community. If you would like to help, please make a donation today.

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