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D-Day anniversaries

The Legion has worked with the Normandy Veterans Association annually for D-Day anniversary commemorations. But for major anniversaries of D-Day addiitional activities take place such as special messages of thanks from Legion supporters being 'planted' in Normandy.

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2009, the Legion planted flags on the beach at Asnelles and veterans attended services at Bayeaux Cathedral, Arromanches and Ranville War Cemetery. In Portsmouth, a community commemoration and bike ride took place.

In 2004, for the 60th anniversary, flags were planted on Sword Beach and there was a poppy drop for the 50th anniversary in 1999.

Photos from Normandy 2009 copyright to Adrian Brooks / Imagewise
Photos from Portsmouth 2009 copyright to Jon Barlow / except for those marked * which are courtesy of David Arkwell.

Normandy 60th and 50th

D-Day 65 in Portsmouth

D-Day 65 in Normandy

D-Day 70