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Our work in Wales

Poppy Appeal WalesThe Legion engages with policymakers in Wales to promote the interests of our beneficiaries - the serving and ex-Service community, their families and dependants - and ensure laws and policies affecting them honour the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant.

The principles are no disadvantage as a result of Service and special treatment where justifiable eg in the case of Service-related injury.

Here are some recent consultation responses and evidence papers we have produced:

Click here for our latest 'Armed Forces Community Covenants in Wales' leaflet, which is also available here in Welsh.

The What's Next Community Covenant booklet is also available in English and Welsh.

Welsh Government

The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales. It is responsible for the 20 devolved fields and sets policy, makes regulations and proposes laws in these areas.

The Welsh Government is led by the First Minister for Wales, Carwyn Jones AM. The Cabinet is made up of Ministers and Deputy Ministers with specific responsibility for different policy areas.

The Minister for Local Government and Government Business, Lesley Griffiths AM, has responsibility for liaising with the Armed Forces Community.

The Legion meets with Government Ministers from time to time to ensure they are aware of relevant issues and possible solutions. We also meet with the leaders and spokespeople of the different parties in line with our commitment to be strictly cross-party in our policy-influencing work.

The Welsh Government has published a package of support for the Armed Forces community which is available here in English and here in Welsh.

Click here for the latest news from the Welsh Government. 

Contact us

For more information about the Legion's Campaigning work in Wales please contact:

Public Affairs Manager Wales / Rheolwr Materion Cyhoeddus

Peter Evans

Tel / Ffôn:  02920 329 086

The Royal British Legion Wales / Y Lleng Brydeinig  Brenhinol Cymru
Suites 28, 31 & 33 / Ystafelloedd 28, 31 a 33
15th Floor / 15ed Llawr
Brunel House / Ty Brunel
2 Fitzalan Road / 2 Ffordd Fitzalan
Cardiff / Caerdydd
CF24 0EB

Community Covenants in Wales

In 2011 following constructive campaigning by the Legion, the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant were written into law. And a Community Covenant scheme was announced to promote greater understanding between military and civilian populations.

The Welsh Government has been fully engaged with the Armed Forces Covenant process and works with the UK Government and the MOD to ensure that the principles are upheld in Wales.

The Legion has produced a leaflet on Community Covenants in Wales which is available to download in pdf format in either English or Welsh from the links below.

All 22 local authorities in Wales have now signed Community Covenants. To find out more, click here to read our press release or you can visit your local authority website.

The National Assembly for Wales

The Assembly is made up of Assembly Members directly elected by the people of Wales. The Assembly has three primary roles:

  • National Assembly for Wales reception in 2007Making Laws - the Assembly can pass laws in 20 devolved areas including health, housing and education. Following a referendum in March 2011, the Assembly now has full law making powers in the devolved areas. These 'Acts' are equivalent to laws passed in Westminster.
  • Representing the people of Wales - the Assembly is made up of 60 Assembly Members - 40 of these are constituency members and 20 are regional members.
  • Scrutinising Welsh Government - the Assembly holds the Welsh Government to account and scrutinises legislation and policies.

One of the ways we have tried to influence policy is through the publication of our Manifesto for Wales 2011, produced for the 2011 Wales general election.

The Legion is very grateful for the cross-party support that Assemby Members give us.

For further information on the National Assembly for Wales, visit their website via the following links - click here for English and click here for Welsh.

Click here to read about a recent event hosted by the Legion for Assembly Members. 

Influencing policy

Wales matters to the Legion because policies and laws agreed in Wales directly affect our beneficiaries. We therefore have a duty to try and influence policy development and implementation where the decisions are actually made - in Wales.

Following devolution in 1999, the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government were created. The National Assembly passes laws, represents the people of Wales and holds the Government to account. The Welsh Government makes policies and laws for Wales. Further details are outlined below.

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