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Festival of Remembrance 2014

8 November 2014

Poppies falling at the Festival of RemembranceThis annual Festival, held at the Royal Albert Hall, commemorates and honours all those who have lost their lives in conflicts, and is both a moving and enjoyable evening hosted by The Royal British Legion.

There is a matinee (2.00pm) and an evening performance (7.00pm) - both are exactly the same except that the Royal Family attend only the evening performance.

Members should contact their Branch Secretary about obtaining tickets. More details are available on the fact sheet (see link below).

Please note: This year's performances are sold out but the Festival of Remembrance is broadcast on BBC radio and television. Check local guides for details. 

On the day there will be strict security so we recommend you arrive early, and refreshments will be available prior to both performances at the restaurants at the Royal Albert Hall.

For more information, click here for a fact sheet.

A special video or DVD of the Festival is made available soon after the event from the Legion's Poppy Shop - www.poppyshop.org.uk.

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